I am a macroeconomist and economic theorist interested in business cycles and mechanism design. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Yale University. I graduated from MIT with a Ph.D. in Economics in June 2023 and the University of Cambridge with a B.A. in Economics in 2017.

Email: [email protected]


  • Strategic Mistakes (with Karthik Sastry) [Online Appendix] [Publisher’s Version]
    Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 212, September 2023

    Nonlinear Pricing with Under-Utilization: A Theory of Multi-Part Tariffs (with Roberto Corrao and Karthik Sastry) [Online Appendix] [Publisher’s Version]
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    Priority Design in Centralized Matching Markets (with Oguzhan Celebi) [Online Appendix] [Publisher’s Version]
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  • Working Papers

  • Adaptive Priority Mechanisms (with Oguzhan Celebi) [SSRN Link]

  • Attention Cycles (with Karthik Sastry) [NBER WP32553] [SSRN Link]

    Dynamic Unravelling [SSRN Link] — 2nd Round Revise and Resubmit, Management Science

    Fiscal Policy in a Networked Economy (with John Becko and Christina Patterson) [NBER WP29619] [SSRN Link]

    The Macroeconomics of Narratives (with Karthik Sastry) [NBER WP32602] [SSRN Link]

    Optimally Coarse Contracts (with Roberto Corrao and Karthik Sastry) [SSRN Link]

    A Theory of Supply Function Choice and Aggregate Supply (with Georgios Nikolakoudis and Karthik Sastry) [SSRN Link] [Older WP on Prices vs. Quantities with Additional Results] —Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review

    What can Measured Beliefs Tell Us About Monetary Non-Neutrality? (with Hassan Afrouzi and Choongryul Yang) [NBER WP32541]